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Viara group

Viara produces bag making machines for large and small plastic bags - and does so with passion, dedication and all the experience of a firm that has been developing this type of industrial machinery for 20 years. Viara produces with unparalleled skill, a skill that derives from in-depth understanding of every single component of its ever-more technologically advanced machines. Moreover, it does so with the spirit of those who are truly convinced of the outstanding quality of their products. Viara yesterday: founded in Imola in 1987 with the manufacturing of the first bag making machine Viara today: a modern business with cutting-edge technology. Viara tomorrow: Viara machines gain ground in international markets. Further technological development to follow up the requirements of an ever-changing market.


Futura 1000

The FUTURA 1000 is a bottom seal machine for the production...

Futura 1000