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Punching unit

Electronic Punching Unit

The Punching Unit is fitted in the continuous motion section  of the machine and is available in widths for 500 mm and 3000 mm with all widths having a diameter of 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm. The structure of the punching unit is equipped with a  scrap collection. Rectangular-shaped longitudinal supports allow  great stability and resistance, and no risk of bending. The punching tools can be shifted across the width of the structure using a simple manual movement allowing the holes to be made in the desired position across the width of the frame. The punchable  thickness is  from a minimum of 10 microns to a maximum of 4x150 microns. 

NEW Matrix hole punch

The electronic and matrix hole punch unit are identical in structure. The matrix hole punch  has the function of individual  punching tool control offering infinite combination of holes The touch screen display allows immediate adjustment of the number and position of hole, being  able to  store and retrieve programs up to 64 user-defined patterns. The hole punch can be complemented by a photoelectric cell where ther is a requirement to align the punching to printed films. A vacuum is available  to automatically remove scrap.

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